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Hey my bands playing a show in a few weeks. San Diego peeps should come. Maybe a little kickback at my place after. Who knows?

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Soma - feb2 - 630pm - don’t be a jerk and show up.

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New tshirt and poster design.

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Difference between gross domestic profit and gross national profit
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You guys are fantastic! Just got my copy of Tunnels, so I'm busy adoring it. Thank you thank you thank you (:
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Hey! thanks!

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Just packaged and printed a ton of these. Gettin ready to send them off in the mail!

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TUNNELS : Finally available for purchase!

Hello friends!

After over two years of writing, recording, mixing and slacking off, Tunnels is finally ready for purchase! It cost SEVEN DOLLARS AND SOME CENTS. I think like 85 cents or something. 

You can get it from our brand new website here

»REMINDER: if you already pre-ordered your copy of tunnels, don’t worry about buying it online, because your physical copy will show up in the mail in the next few weeks or so. Then again, unless you really want to buy it now, I guess you can download it.

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Hey guess what??

The first shipment of our album, “Tunnels” just got in. 

It was supposed to be here yesterday for a Halloween surprise for you all, but what can ya do. 

Anyway. I’d like to announce that “Tunnels” is finished and will soon be available for physical purchase at our shows and digital purchase on iTunes/Amazon/Whateverelsesellsmusic.

Thanks for the support you all, It’s been a good journey.

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froggo and da crew (by ostolero)

I’ve finally found inspiration for our new music video.